This site is a graphics-based site the relies on dynamic map images to display data about sites for business premises in Ottawa. Because the information is formatted in graphical form,  it is not possible to replicate the output in text form
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For more information, please contact:
City of Ottawa
Economic Development
Toll Free: 1-855-OTTAWA2 (1-855-688-2922)

If your site is not listed on this tool,
contact Economic Development and Innovation,
City of Ottawa:
Toll Free 1-855-OTTAWA2 (1-855-688-2922)
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Data sets used to produce Demographics Reports are from data supplied by Environics Analytics, 2013. Reports generated for specific areas including citywide, individual wards, based on a user defined radius, or polygon etc. will include data from Dissemination Areas (DAs) where the centroid is within the boundary but will exclude data from DAs where the centroid is outside the boundary.

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